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Your journey into the world of IP strategy starts here! 

Through the academy, you’ll have access to the resources and tools to help you learn, explore and discover more about IP and how it can add value to your organization. We can’t wait for you to get started.

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Why learn with Stratford IP Strategy Academy?

Get IP literate

Make informed decisions

Discover opportunities

Take your IP knowledge to the next level with free online training. Learn everything you need to know about IP to avoid costly and irreversible errors.

Explore the IP Tool Kit that features a Patent Coster and an IP Assessment Tool. Get quick answers and support to help you develop and improve your IP strategy.

Discover IP insights and review reports in the IP library. Deepen your understanding and gain insights into the opportunities and threats to your innovations.

About Stratford Intellectual Property. 

Improve the way you develop, protect and monetize your IP portfolio without the heavy lifting. You can maximize the value of your portfolio at the most efficient cost possible and ensure all the innovative aspects of your products are protected by using Stratford’s Virtual Intellectual Property Management. 

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